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Save the Cat Genre’s

“All art is a kind of confession.” - James Baldwin

Save the Cat Genre’s

Find your genre below. All page references are linked to the “Save the Cat! Writes a Novel” book. When you select your type of genre, it will show up on your dashboard!
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A mystery must be solved by a hero (who may or may not be a detective) during which something shocking is revealed about the dark side of human nature.
Page. 91
Rites of Passage
A hero must endure the pain and torment brought about by life’s common challenges (death, separation, loss, divorce, addiction, coming of age, and so on)
page 106
A hero enters or is already entrenched inside a certain group, institution, establishment, or family and must make a choice to join, escape, or destroy it.
page. 123
An extraordinary hero finds themselves in an ordinary world and must come to terms with being special or destine for greatness.
Page 150
Dude with a Problem
An innocent, ordinary hero suddenly finds themselves in the midst of extraordinary circumstances and must rise to the challenge.
Page 165
Fool Triumphant
An underestimated, underdog hero is pitted against some kind of “establishment” and proves a hidden worth, to society.
Page 181
Buddy Love
A hero is transformed by meeting someone else, including (but not limited to) love stories, friendship stories, and pet stories.
Page 198
Out of the Bottle
An ordinary hero is temporarily “touched by magic,: usually involving a wish fulfilled or a curse bestowed, and the hero learns an important lesson about appreciating and making the moment of ‘reality.”
Page 215
Golden Fleece
A hero (or group) goes on a “road trip” of some type (even if there’s no actual road) in search of somthing and winds up discovering somthing else - themselves.
Page 232
Monster in the House
A hero (or gorup of heroes) must overcome some kind of monster (supernatural or not), in some kind of enclosed setting (or limited circumstances), and someone is usually responsible for bringing the monster into being.
Page 251
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