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Building a Pitch

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” - Albert Einstein

What is your Genre?

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Theme Stated

Briefly alludes to the transformative journey that your hero will take and the flaw or flaws they will eventually conquer.

The Logline Template:

On the verge of a stasis =death moment, a flawed hero Breaks into 2; but when the Midpoint happens, they must learn the Theme Stated before the All is lost.

Short Synopsis Template

Paragraph 1: Set up, flawed hero, and Catalyst (2 - 4 sentences)
Paragraph 2: Break Into 2 and/or Funa nd Games (2 - 4 sentences)
Paragraph 3: Theme stated, Midpoint hint and/or All is Lost hint, ending in a cliffhanger (1 to 3 sentences)
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