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Service Data Quality
Service Data Quality

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Service Creation

Creating and adding services
Contacting the service provider
All services added should be contacted to inform them that we have added their service onto the Place-based directory within their area explaining its purpose and use. Where we are engaging directly with service providers, we should offer them access to their dynamic listings on Service Finder (Shared Org links), and use of the free widget to add to their site. We should also allow the service provider to use a simple form to update if their information changes. The
@Data team
will then check and make the necessary changes. When contacting the
@Service providers
a shared inbox email will be provided and is monitored by the
@Data team
Preferred information source
When contacting the service provider, the data assurance team should ask them what their preferred . This will be recorded within the CRM and will be the primary method used to throughout the . The data team can assign Service providers a depending on the request and likelihood of updating information using their preferred .
Adding new services process
All incoming services into the place-based directory will follow this process
Provide basic information and enter the
Remain in
holding list until the Data operations manager conduct a quick 3 minute per service review to establish ease of collection & assurance.
Based on the
@Data operations manager
will then assign the any new/updated services to the relevant
@Data collection/assurance team members
to add to the directory as part of the
stage. The
@Data operations manager
may decide to contact the service provider for more information, and update status to awaiting for provider to provide requested information before progressing the next stage.
@Data collection/assurance team members
will add their assigned services onto the directory, as draft and publish when assured. The service provider will then be contacted to offer free link/s to their services and widget tools, along with easy update form. The team will also notify the service provider on the information has been collected and ask them their preferred for future updates.

Basic provider information required
Provider Name
The name of the provider, usually a company, organisation or charity.
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Basic service information required
Service Name
The official name or title of the service itself, or if the service does not have a name, a short description used to identify it. This does not include the name of the provider unless it's name is included in the service's official title. It may be useful to add something into the title that gives a clue to what the service is.
Contact Name
The name of the individual designated as the specific contact for this service, if there is one
Website URL
The website that provides further information about the service.
Email Address
The email address of who to get in contact with if they want to get involved in the service you are listing.
Phone Numbers 1&2
A telephone number to contact if further information is required about the service.
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Managing incoming service information
Information sources may come from a variety of s & including
@Service providers
@Frontline workers
@List managers
@System Integrators
. All these sources will follow the same process to ensure that the information on the system remains accurate, relevant, consistent, and complete. Direct access to update and bypass this process will only be allowed for
s and will be agreed with the
@Data operations lead
. ​Below are 3 diagrams demonstrating how the will operate.

Data assurance process_vision (2).png
Data assurance process_vision.png
Data assurance process_vision (1).png
A properly defined service consists of 3 parts, the provider, the venue and the service itself.
Step 1: Who Provides the service?
If the service provider is not currently in Service Finder then it must first be created.
Step 2: How is it accessed?
If the venue is not currently in Service Finder then it must first be created.
Step 3: What is it?

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