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Mitigating the Barriers

Benefits from Approaches

Benefit Title
Benefit description
Column 3
Builds critical mass
The richer the data set of sessions the more interest from social prescribers and other referrers and inevitably the greater demand.
Joining sectors up
Organisations and sectors working collaboratively will benefit from each others resources and produce solutions that join potential silos together and increase their reach.
Drives compliance to OA
The ecosystem needs everyone to play their part so any means to ensure someone is meeting and using the standard will benefit the whole.
Increases the means to collect OA data
Every opportunity should be taken to give the ability for activity providers to enter their session data.
Creates a case for demand
Demand for activity data will drive the ecosystem and so anything that increases demand will benefit the whole
Aligns OA with other data/systems
OA can not survive in isolation and so as many links to other data or alignment with other systems will increase the demand and usefulness
Improves means to identify appropriate activity
The key point of OA is to provide information about a specific activity session to meet someone’s needs. Anything that can help this will improve success
Higher productivity for workers
Workers are aiming to improve the quality of people’s lives and anything that allows them to spend less time administering and more time focussing on that aim the better
Improves chances of ecosystem implementation
To be successful OA needs to be implemented as a whole system.
Increases likelihood of referring a physical activity
Best chance of someone in need attending a physical activity, is if the SPLW will refer them in to an activity
Improves confidence in the data
Little point having an ecosystem producing data that people don’t trust
Increases likelihood of attending an activity
Success is improving someone’s quality of life but OA’s contribution is based on evidence that suggests physical activity adds to this
Easier for developer to publish or consume OA data
The data ecosystem is dependent on data being entered in and being taken out
Improves data quality and richness
The data needs to be reliable and rich enough for the frontline to be able to make good decisions in using the data
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