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Netblen is a software family which contains a set of software in the form of web-apps for different uses. There are presently 2 apps available to the public: Netblen Notebook, and Netblen Notepad, including the default Netblen Settings app to config the platform under hood of the software family.
Netblen is completely free, with some enhanced features for subscribers.
This docs site contains both guides and technical documentations of the software, also some documentations for tools and software libraries.

Netblen Notebook

An encrypted (E2EE) notebook with a lot of features: Zettelkasten note taking method with links between notes and tree view, graph view, with multiple content types.

Netblen Notepad

A simple notepad for writing encrypted notes. Mostly Netblen Notebook can store any kind of notes users need, the Notepad is for some side use cases.

Netblen Settings

The core setting of the platform serving the apps of Netblen software family.

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