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Everytown Research & Policy conducts independent, methodologically rigorous , supports evidence-based policies, and communicates this knowledge to the public.

Moms Demand Action

When you make a grassroots contribution to Moms Demand Action and Everytown, you're helping fuel a volunteer-driven movement for a future free from gun violence. Your generous donation helps MDA continue critical work to save lives.

Brady United

There is no one solution to end this epidemic of gun violence. So [Brady United’s] comprehensive approach addresses every aspect with more than 45 years of research and real-world experience. Let’s put the Brady plan into action now and get the job done right.

Sandy Hook Promise

Sandy Hook Promise trains students and adults to know the signs of gun violence so that no parent experiences the tragic, preventable loss of their child.

Students Demand Action

[Students Demand Action] are young activists committed to ending gun violence in the United States. [We’ve] grown up in the midst of America’s gun violence crisis. In fact, [we’ve] been called the “school shooting generation.” Now [we’re] rising up and organizing in our high schools, colleges, and communities across the country to demand action to end gun violence.

March for Our Lives

March for Our Lives was founded by students in the wake of the shooting at MSD high school. In 2018, we defeated 46 NRA-backed candidates, and our fight is only getting started.

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