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Customize the stages, roles, and Slack reminders below to fit your team's product review process.
Initial review
During the initial review,
@Working team
s provide context on the product area: customer insights, current performance, upcoming launches, etc.
After the presentation, all the
s in the room take turns providing feedback. Everyone must participate!
A follow-up meeting is held a week after the
@Initial review
. The
@Working team
s categorize the feedback from the
@Initial review
into one of two buckets:
1. We’re going to take action on the feedback. This is what we will do and by when. The when is important as not everything can gate a launch.
2. We heard you, but we’re not prioritizing the feedback right now and here’s why.

As a
, your role is to listen with empathy. During the presentation, only ask clarifying questions. Write down other questions and save them for the discussion at the end. It’s important you don’t dictate what the
@Working team
should do. Rather, seek to understand their perspective and ask questions that will add lift, not drag. Remember, if you are in the meeting you are expected to participate! We’ll take turns going around the room asking for each
‘s feedback. We also expect you to be concise and stick to the most important comments. Feel free to just say +1 if a comment has already been made and cede your time to another reviewer if you don’t believe you have much to add to the conversation :)
Working team
The working team is composed of the engineers, designers, PM’s, or sales folks who are talking to customers and building the product. As a working team member, you are closest to the product and understand it better than anyone else. Your goal for the product review is twofold:
1. Ensure the
s have an accurate understanding of customer insights, KPIs, success criteria, and upcoming launches in your product area.
2. Gather feedback and buy-in on your upcoming plans from the
The scribe is a member of the
@Working team
that takes notes during the meeting and categorizes the feedback after the meeting.

Slack reminder template
Reminder template
Hi {1}, as a reminder, you are attending the <{2}|*{3}*> product review on {4} at {5}. Your role in the review is: *{6}*. Here’s what that means: ```{7}``` The product review is in the *{8}* stage. Here’s what that means: ```{9}```

Turn on/off the Slack reminder
This template has a pre-built automation that will automatically send out Slack reminders before each product review meeting. If you’d prefer to turn off the automation, go to ⚙️ Settings→ Automations, and toggle the automation to off.

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