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Product Review Template

Customize this page to run your product review meeting. The working team starts by presenting an update, then the reviewers "pass the stick” to capture feedback.
Part I: Presentation
Here is where the
@Working team
creates or embeds their presentation for the
@Initial review
. Type /embed to embed a presentation.
Part II: The Talking Stick: Capture feedback silently, then share one by one.
After the presentation, the
s “pass the stick” by going around the room and, one by one, voicing their questions, feedback, etc. Give each person 1 minute to speak. The
takes notes and captures feedback below.

Add feedback
Lola Tseudonym
Are you planning on refreshing the brand colors?
plus reaction, you have not reacted
What percentage of our customers use this feature?
plus reaction, you have not reacted
Buck Dubois
I love the attention to the details of this use case!
plus reaction, you have not reacted
Did you explore a simpler onboarding flow?
plus reaction, you have not reacted

Part III: Followup meeting
Following the
@Initial review
meeting, the scribe categorizes the feedback and the
@Working team
decides on next step for each piece of feedback. They then return the next week for a
meeting to present the plan to the

What we heard:

Next steps:

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