Hobbies & Interests

Presidential Death-Match
I co-host this podcast where each week, we discuss American history by debating the merits of two presidents in the context of some absurd topic– Be it mixology, pole dancing, or staying sane during a quarantine.
I love to write and collaborate. I am currently co-writing a novel, and have spent the last decade writing or co-writing stories.
In early 2021, I completed writing a sketch show that guessed what post-pandemic life would be like. It was filmed and streamed with a live component, which I performed in. You can check that out here:
Interested in reading some sketches? Here is my portfolio (inside of the ReadThrough app, which is one my products from WriterDuet):
I have spent a lot of time in sketch comedy group meetings, improv theaters, and other similar haunts over the last decade.
Find me at in Austin (once they are having shows again).
I also often work with Pronoia Theater in a virtual capacity; I am a founding member of the sketch group , which eventually bloomed into that theater company.
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