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Slides / Notes from workshops

Presenters - if you would like to make your slides available, please send them by email to dawn@trainingattention.co.uk
James Lawley:
From Right to Left and Back Again
Lawley-2021 Northern Taste of Clean.pdf
387.4 kB
Doris Sew Hoy & Angela Dunbar:
Speak, so others listen - uncovering unconscious knowing using Clean Hieroglyphics (Clean Hiero)
Emergent Knowledge background.pdf
370.2 kB
James Lawley:
Assessing an interview for cleanness
NToC Activity-Assessing an interview for cleanness -Lady Di .pdf
76.9 kB
Sandra Romero-Perpère & Nicolas Dujacquier:
Co-Listening Exercise
Lisa Hosakawa
Coding Inferences with culture in mind.
1.1 MB
Jennifer de Gandt
The Spirit of Clean in a changing world
Jennifer de Gandt.slides.pptx
1.1 MB
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