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Mailto is an amazing way to create email templates with hyperlinks
Did you know that links on webpages can also open email apps with a pre-filled email already created for you? That feature is called Mailto, and it is a specially formatted hyperlink. It looks something like this:!&body=Greetings

When turned into a link, that becomes a clickable target that has an email template already filled in.

Mailto is a very helpful tool for webmasters, website builders, email writers, or designers to create a powerful calls to action with email. Unlikely a generic email link where a user still needs to fill in content themselves, you can think of a mailto as providing a flexible form. When you design a mailto link, you can create a template with fields that are encouraged to be filled in, or it can have default content already filled in.

In particular, I love to customize mailtos as much as possible. I love to pre-fill information on which page someone was coming from, any account information, or any metadata about the context they’re coming from. This can speed up followup email communication tremendously.

Below is a simple powerful mailto builder. You can fill in the fields and you will get a generate mailto link you can copy and paste into your own website wherever you’d like. Enjoy, and

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