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Coda for YNAB Pack

Coda for YNAB Pack

is a pack to sync budget and transaction data from You Need A Budget (
) into Coda.

This pack is in beta and may still change and evolve in response to feedback

Coda + YNAB = 🔥
I originally built this pack for my own use, but I’m publishing it because I think others will find it useful as well.

A few ways I use my YNAB data in Coda:
I keep a journal restaurants I’ve eaten at, and syncing my “Dining Out” transactions from YNAB makes it really simple
I have a personal hub doc that can show how much “fun money” budget I have remaining for the month
My “Groceries” transactions are imported into my meal planning doc

Other ideas for how you could use your YNAB data in Coda:
You could use a cross-doc to share a subset of transactions with another person. If you have roommates, you could share all the transactions related to rent and utilities without sharing your personal transactions
You could sync your net worth and calculate your savings vs spending multiple for retirement planning

Things to note
Split transactions are imported by the Transaction sync table as if they were multiple different transactions
Creating and updating transactions is not currently supported
Importing scheduled transactions is not currently supported
If you use emojis in your YNAB category names and wanted to make a formula column that can display only the emojis without the text, you could try a formula like this: IfBlank(RegexReplace(thisRow.[Group Name], "[\x00-\xFF]+", ""), thisRow.[Group Name])

Questions and feedback
Feel free to get in touch here:

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