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Things to do

🍽️ Food & Drinks

Coffee, pastries & desert:
or (for Lisbon’s famous custard pastry, “pastel de nata”)
(the best chocolate cake in Lisbon)
(divine croissants)
(delicious ice cream)
Brunch & lunch
Bars & Nightlife:
📍 Principe Real
(secret bar - ring the doorbell under the frog)
(luxury rooftop bar)
(art deco rooftop bar)
(artisan beer, cocktails and late night food)
(rooftop bar)
📍 Bairro Alto
(beer and wine bar)
(beer and spirits - local favorite)
(relaxed rooftop bar)
📍 Alfama
(luxury rooftop bar)
(live music bar loved by locals)
Dinner spots:
check out great dinner spots

🔭 Viewpoints

📍 Bairro Alto
(beautiful sunsets)
📍 Alfama / Pena

🏖️ Beach

(Check out more beaches in )

🏞️ Parks

🎨 History & art

(art and ancient history museum)

📍Lisbon districts worth exploring

: Elegant area with gardens, antique shops, and unique boutiques. 👣 Distance from hotel: 0km / 0mile - this is your home district.
: Bohemian neighborhood famous for nightlife and Fado bars. 👣 1.2km / 0.8mile.
: The heart of downtown with grand squares and wide boulevards. 👣 1.6km / 1mile.
: Offers some of the best viewpoints over Lisbon and maintains a local vibe. 👣 2.3km / 1.5mile.
: The oldest district, known for its narrow alleys, Fado houses, and the São Jorge Castle. 👣 2.5km / 1.5mile.
: huge park with walking trails and diverse nature. 👣 5km / 3.1miles.
: Rich in maritime history, it houses Jerónimos Monastery and the famous Pastéis de Belém. 👣 8km / 5mile.
: coastline town with long sandy beaches and restaurants with ocean views. 👣 17 km / 10.5 miles.
: picturesque beach town with a historic old town. 👣 33 km / 20.5 miles.

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