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Local Tips

💬 Handy Portuguese phrases

“Olá” (pronounced: oh-lah). ”Hello”
“Obrigado” (oh-bree-gah-doo). “Thank you” (if you’re male)
“Obrigada” (oh-bree-gah-dah) ”Thank you.” (if you’re female)
“Sim/Não” (seem/Nown). Yes/No”
“Por favor” (poor fah-vohr). Please
“Desculpe” (desh-kool-peh). “Excuse me” or “Sorry”
“Fala inglês?” (fah-lah een-gleesh?) “Do you speak English?”
”Não entendo” (nown en-ten-doo). “I don't understand”
“Quanto custa isto?” (kwan-toh koos-tah ees-toh?). “How much is this?”
“Onde fica a casa de banho?” (on-deh fee-kah ah kah-zah deh bahn-yoh?). “Where is the bathroom?”
“Bom dia” (bohm dee-ah). “Good morning”
“Boa tarde” (bow-ah tar-deh). “Good afternoon”
“Boa noite” (bow-ah noy-teh). “Good night”

💶 Tipping etiquette

In restaurants, you typically tip 10%.
Tour guides are generally not given tips, as their service is included in the price. If you feel the guide went above and beyond to provide value, though, it’s commonly accepted to tip them €5-€20.
In hotels, it’s commonly accepted to tip bellboys or porters €1-€2 per bag, and leave €1-€2 per night for housekeeping staff.

🦺 Safety tips

Lisbon is considered a safe city. Still, incidents do occur, so it’s good to be aware of the following:
Unofficial services: beware of unofficial product sellers, guides and taxi services. If something is being sold on the street, without clear branding of a company, it’s better to be cautious.
Pickpocketing: keep your belongings close in crowded areas like trams, metro, tourist sites and markets.
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