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BLR Handbook

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The handbook

Welcome to Big Little Robots and the very first version of our little handbook! In here, you'll find a few resources to help you grow and succeed at BLR.

We are committed to creating a more fulfilling place for work and life! We created this handbook, a collection of concepts, guidelines, and activities, to help us move in that direction.
Of course, the only way to build anything great is to build it together. As a team. Which is why this handbook is a first edition—an experiment, where “fail or succeed” are replaced with “keep learning, keep improving”. It’s our MVP, we're starting with a few concepts to be iterated on, expanded on, and shaped in new and creative ways by the people who use it. Nothing in here is set in stone, everything is up for discussion and change.
And so, this document invites you to explore this experiment that we are all a part of. In which we will all play a vital role in shaping. Let’s turn it in to something great together.
This handbook is a work in progress. Add your comments, suggest edits.

The handbook

We’ve organized the handbook into the structure below. Each category has a page which will tells you why it exists, and, if needed, links to subpages with more detailed information and guidelines.
, to understand what we're moving towards and how we'll measure progress
, the guiding principles and behavior that lead to our success
, the different hats we can wear at BLR
, the activities that will support our individual and collective growth
, the activities that we do on a regular basis
, the benefits we are entitled to while working at BLR
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