Plena is the leading RPA platform among mid-market companies. Traditional RPA platforms take on average 6 months to develop a bot and the price tag on implementations easily run over $100K. Upon analyzing the reason for such long timelines, we discovered that traditional platforms were built with “no-code” or “low-code” philosophy. A no-code platform provides you a way configure the aforementioned widgets in a fashion such that it results in a fully built bot. No-code platforms allow non-programmers to build robots using the drag, drop & edit interface provided.
So why do no-code platforms take over 6 months to develop on?
The set of available widgets to drag & drop from a no-code platform have limited features, therefore when tasked with building bot to automate your custom workflow— you will eventually run out of useful widgets. Widgets are designed to cover the simplest of the use cases, meaning most real-world scenarios the bot has to face are not directly covered by these no-code platforms. In order to build bots that can handle complex workflows, you will need to hire engineers to either augment or build entire new widgets in such platforms. This entails significant coding effort and often results in building functionalities outside the platform altogether. Lastly, all no-code platforms have a non-trivial learning curve. All these factors contribute to costly and time consuming implementations.
Why Plena?
After close examination of the drawbacks of all no-code RPA platforms, we decided to build a state of the art all-code RPA platform. An all-code platform simply means that bots are built by writing code on the platform. This approach allows developers to build bots in 2 weeks and consequently only cost customers anywhere from $5K to $10K to build a fully customized robot that mimics their exact workflow, down to the T. Plena offers an extensive library of pre-built tools to quickly assemble any robot of your choose. The dynamics nature of the platform allows developer to customize + extend any functionality offered out of the box. Since all bots are built using code the possibilities are endless. All bot components are modular, so the developer can swap out old technology with new anytime. This is done to ensure your bot remains use the latest and greatest tech at any given time.


PDF parsing
Bank Statements
Remittance Advice
Excel building
Web Connectors: (UI driven)
Pull - Read data from any web application that open in Chrome browser
Push - Write data into web applications that open in Chrome browser
Action - Interact by clicking, selecting and typing on a web applications that open Chrome browser
Windows Connectors: (UI driven)
Pull - Read data from any native windows application
Push - Write data into any native windows application
Action - Interact by clicking, selecting and typing on a native windows application
API Connectors: (API driven)
OAuth 2.0 - authentication and key setup
Pull - GET calls from RESTful API
Push - POST, PULL & DELETE calls for RESTful API
Email Connector:
CSV, TSV, XLS upload & extract
ODBC- SQL connectors
General text extraction
Table extraction via
Remote file connector

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