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How does it work?

Our robots have the ability to take control of the keyboard, mouse and screen of any computer and perform operations such as reading form any screen, making logical decisions, and clicking/typing on any window or file. This allows us to automate an entire process from start to finish- with little to no human interaction. The robots perform tasks just like humans; except they don’t make mistakes and never get tired!
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AR robot | save 6 hours/day
AP robot | save 7.5 hours/day
Reconciliation robot | save 2 hours/week

Plena platform

5 day builds: Our robots are affordable to mid-market CFOs because the platform facilitates a very short build cycle. Traditionally robots took 6-8 months other RPA platforms, shooting the cost of ownership of each bot into six-figures.
System Agnostic: Plena robots use the screen, mouse and keyboard of the native computer. They can open and interact with ANY application: old/new, cloud/on-premise. Plena robots DO NOT require API access or database access of any kind.

Complex Automations: Most automation tools fall short because they are unable to eliminate human involvement. Our approach is to do the entire process from start to finish. Therefore, we have designed our platform such that it can handle complex workflows involving multiple systems, intricate decision making and mass data manipulation.

Accounting & Finance: An extensive library of pre-built bots and functionality is available for CFOs plug and play. Easily customize and existing bot template to mimic your workflows. It’s always more affordable and convenient to tweak an existing bot rather than building the entire functionality from scratch.
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