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Value Proposition Generator (Entry for AI at Work Challenge)

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About this template

Use AI to brainstorm Value Propositions

Take the guesswork out of coming up with impactful Value Propositions
Eliminate the pain point of worrying about building something that doesn’t have Product Market Fit
Provides a systematic approach to creating relevant one-liners

With this template, mapping customer pain points becomes a breeze

Identify key customer pain points with ease
Generate Value Propositions that directly address customer needs and concerns
Provide customized solutions that make a real difference

Start the brainstorming process with this template

Get the creative juices flowing with our AI-powered Value Proposition Generator
Save time and effort by letting this template do the heavy lifting
Enjoy faster, more efficient brainstorming sessions

How to use this template?

Add or edit cards for each of the sections ( Jobs to be done, Pains Relieved, Gains/Benefits, Features). It doesn’t matter how many you enter, but at least 1 card each. The more the better!
Go to the Value Proposition section and click to generate. You can click on the refresh to generate new value propositions.


Why did you decide to choose this use case?
I have been involved in many launches and one of the key things that keeps coming back is having well-defined value propositions. However, people don’t know where or how to get started on building value propositions. This template is to help people organize their thoughts and findings.
How will this template help with your work day?
By doing this before building or launching, we can have a more clear focus for the team. This will not only save time but ensure that the whole team has a consistent “North Star”. This will make collaboration much easier and more effective.\
How do you want others to use this template?
Use it help brainstorm value propositions. From what is generated, see if it is close to the vision of the product. If it’s not, either change your product, or understand that you will need to list different pain points and benefits. ITERATE on your product vision BEFORE building/launching.
Anything else you want us to know about this template?
This template is meant to be generative, not definitive. This means it’s meant to help give you a starting point for your value proposition. Value propositions can be iterative.
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