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Verizon Slack Tech Tools (2021)

Created a suite of workflows to access contact lists and job docs.

Verizon Slack Assist Project (2021)

Created a support ticket system for assisting fellow coworkers regarding circuit testing in the specials group. Along with streamlining the support process, it also identifies system issues along with training needs.

Verizon Associate Trainer (2019)

Created and presented telecom trainings for training. Provided classroom & on-the-floor training.

Verizon 5G Test Results Google Form (2018)

Built a google form for use in collecting fiber testing results for new 5G/dark fiber service orders. It was in use before there was any official systems that could. Still in use today for PADE 2021.

Verizon VSC Tech Help Videos (2012)

Worked on a collection of technical support help videos which were hosted company wide. Duties included video editing and as an in-video actor.

SourceRadio (2007)

Managed and handled production of eSports gaming on the internet and online.

TheGXL Tournament Portal (2006)

Developed a tournament website to help manage and facilitate the running of pc gaming tournaments at a gaming conventions.
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