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About me

Ever since I built my first computer, I've been hooked on technology. All of it. From building to breaking, from designing to development, from networking a couple of computers to playing in the cloud...I enjoy technology. I cannot get enough of it and learning about what's new.
I believe that video gaming is a catylist for many in this industry and certainly is true about me. I was involved playing computer games competitively in high school; traveling around the country and had the oppurtunity to meet people in various fields of the information technology industry. My involvement in the competitive gaming community what
When I am not working or have a controller in my hands I am spending time with my beautiful family. I have 2 lovely daughters (Charlee & Tessa) and an amazing wife (Hali). We love spending time outdoors as well as our couch-time watching movies. In my free time, I love to cook and BBQ. My smoker likes to make wonderful things.
And by the way...I also made this website.

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