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Talking to Compliance


First, it is useful to understand that our interview process is highly sensitive to your firms compliance requirements and department. We have been recording Invest Like the Best for 4 years and we have interviewed public market CEOs, hedge fund managers, buy side analysts, and everything in between. Our golden rule is to never publish anything that could create any compliance issues.
Our new show lives by those same standards. How we do it:
We include the compliance officer in every stage of the process, removing anything offensive or concerning
Compliance has “final cut” of each episode, including a nuclear option to not publish because of compliance concerns (only ever used once in 4 years with Patrick)
We’ve had many public markets CEOs and public equity investors of significant size on the show. In almost every case compliance reviewed carefully and blessed the episode. We’d do the same with you.
Check with compliance on any off limits topics ahead of recording
Record episode
Edit it the show and share draft with compliance team
Send transcript which can be easily edited (highlighting text to be cut) to compliance, and edit episode according to their feedback
Final check in prior to airing
Add standard legal disclaimers and ability to add any disclaimer the guest requires
Air the episode
The benefits are many:
1M+ listeners per month. Half are professional investors and the other half are public and private company operators (including 10% identifying as CEOs). This is your chance to be the conversation of record on a given topic.
Significant inbound interest following each episode
Giving back to the investment community in the form of lessons learned

Sample list of guests we’ve had on in the past:
Brad Gerstner - CEO at Altimeter Capital
Jeremey Grantham - CIO at GMO
Gavin Baker - CIO at Atreides
Chris Bloomstran - CIO of Semper Augustus
Micahel Mauboussin - Head of Consilient Research (Morgan Stanley Investment Management)
Public Market CEOs
Daniel Ek - Spotify CEO
Rich Barton - Zillow CEO
Katrina Lake - Stitch Fix CEO
Tobi Lutke - Shopify CEO
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