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Recording - Audio Best Practices

All podcasts will be done over Zoom. Make sure your host is recording (you should see a blinking red light on Zoom).
Best practices and tips for podcast recording:
Order of best devices (in order):
Stand-alone microphone (ATR-2100)
Wired headphones (corded ones that come with an iPhone)
Speaking directly into the phone
AirPods / Bluetooth headset
Almost anything but using the built-in computer speaker
Whatever you are using, get as close to the mic as possible. If you are using your phone we recommend holding the device up next to your face. This can be quite painful so make sure you are in a comfy spot and avoid the urge to walk around (even if using AirPods or wired headphones).
Reliable internet is a must.
Shutting down as many other apps/tabs on your device is ideal.

Pro Microphone Set-Ups
Simple and great: ATR-2100x or Samson Q2u (Both of these first two are just mics with both USB and XLR options and built in headphone jacks)
The full stack: Sennheiser e835 but pair it with a Focusrite 2i2 USB interface (small XLR to USB interface) or if you want a similar setup to Patrick, the new Zoom P4

If you want help setting up your audio set-up please just let us know and we can put you in touch with our audio engineer.

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