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About Atelier Tokens

What is an Atelier Token?

An Atelier Token is the currency of Cabaret Atelier used to organize work trade dynamics within this organization between dancers, artists, and the business. One Atelier Token is equivalent to one hour of working time, and currently approximately $20 USD.
There are currently a total of 100 Atelier tokens. Each token has a 3 digit serial number. These are cards in a box on a shelf at Cybele’s house as well as the digital representation by the items in the ‘bank’ under Atelier Tokens MGMT.
Atelier tokens must be used in a transaction within 90 days of acquisition.

How can I spend my Atelier Tokens?

~ Each Atelier token can be used for a $20 off of a Sensual Cabaret 8 Week session. Eleven Atelier Tokens is a free 8 week session including the video shoot.
~ Tokens can also be used for $20 off of Cybele Leon fashion and costume products.
~ Tokens can also be used for other products that artists decide to offer within the Atelier.
~ You can use tokens for drop in open studio rehearsal time
~ If you are a Cabaret Atelier Instructor or Producer (of events or products), Atelier Tokens can be used as a discount on the Cabaret Atelier commission rate of the sale. Commission rate will be calculated by the total cash value of students or product sales at USD Cash value combined with Atelier Tokens corresponding value in USD. For example
Dance teacher with a 30/70 commission rate has 5 students for a 1 hr class. 4 Pay via credit card online, for a total of $80. One pays in one Atelier Token. The total USD Cash Value is $100. The 30% commission rate is $30. Dance Teacher can cash in that one Atelier Token to bring their rate down to $10 for this class.

How do we keep track of Atelier Tokens?

~ Report all transactions by sending an email to
~ Atelier tokens will be managed in this system, CODA, via a transactions log.
~ Tokens will also be managed via a physical card banking system and you will have the option of taking home your Atelier Tokens or “CabaCash”.

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