Playdate Booker: An Easy Way To Arrange Playdates

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Step 1:
Set Up New Family
Parents of the same kid(s) and the kids themselves are all linked as a Family. If you are the lead parent, you’ll need to set up a new Family for yourself, other parents / guardians and your kid(s).
Just hit the button and it will be created for you, no further setup required.
Step 2:
Add Yourself to Parents & Guardians
Click to start setting up your Parent / Guardian profile which will provide other parents in the group with your contact details and other information. Add as much detail as you like - it will help other parents recognise you and give them talking points.
Step 3 (optional):
Add Another Parent / Guardian
Click to add your spouse, partner etc. This will ensure they are assigned to the same family.
Step 3b: Once you’ve added another Parent / Guardian, you can link that existing profile to a Coda account by selecting the user in Account on the profile, or use the + Invite person button.
Step 4:
Add Kid
Add profiles for your kid(s) - this will be the main way other parents will browse in order to find you.

Parents / Guardians

These are the parent / guardian profiles associated with your Family
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These are the profile(s) for the kid(s) in your Family
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