Playdate Booker: An Easy Way To Arrange Playdates

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Use this doc to connect with other parents and set up playdates for your kids and their friends

1. Setting Up A Group

To start using this doc from scratch, you will be setting up a Group (e.g. nursery group, school class, NCT group etc).
To do so, just
Copy this doc
and customise the name and description of the page.
Then you can
Invite other parents
If you’ve been invited, you won’t need to do this: skip to Step 2!

2. Setting Up Your Family

Visit to start setting up your own profile, and that of your partner, spouse etc, as well as your kid(s).
These profiles give the other parents in the group information about you and your kid(s) to help arrange playdates and help them go smoothly.

3. Adding Open Slots

Show the slots in your calendar where your kid(s) are free for playdates by adding them as open slots on the page. Open slots can be seen on the Group homepage and accepted by parents of any other child in the group.

4. Adding Playdates

If you would rather request a playdate for your kid with a specific friend already registered to the group, you can click Add Playdate on the page and select the relevant kids, date, timings, location etc.
As you create the playdate, it will have a Draft status, until you hit the Invite button. Then the playdate will have a status of Pending until the parents of the other kid accept or decline the request. You will receive a notification when this happens.
You can cancel a playdate at any time by hitting the Cancel button.
You can also book in a playdate based on an open slot by browsing all forthcoming open slots on the page. Hit the Accept button to claim that slot.

5. Responding to Requests

When your child is invited to a playdate, you will receive a notification. You can visit the page to see your pending requests, using the dropdown filter if required.
You can either Accept or Decline a playdate request, and the other parents will be notified.

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