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Break Adviser Experiment

Break Adviser Experiment

Hi there! I’m reaching out because WFM has chosen you to be part of an experiment for the length of your your shift on [XXXX] next week. Please take the time to watch this little video explaining more at least 24 hours before your experiment day and let me know if you have any questions! I’ll be sending you a link to the study tool the morning of your experiment day.

Potential Candidates (all in PST and in the week of 17th)
Monday April 17 A) Darlene Ensenat (6a - 2:30p PT) ✅ B) Marissa Pratt (8a - 4p PT) ✅
Tuesday April 18 A) Christopher Coles (7a - 2p PT) ✅ ​B) Joni Dowling-Kell (5:30a - 12p PT) B) Kayla Hudkins (6:15a-2:45p PT)✅
Wednesday April 19 A) Nakiya Weatherspoon (5a - 1p PT)✅ B) Keriann Lawler (8a - 4p PT)✅
Thursday April 20 A) Paul George - (6a - 2:30p PT) ✅ B) Antonia Peel (9a - 3p PT)✅
Friday April 21 A) Tiara Henderson (9a - 6p PT)✅ ​B) Meg Albani (5a - 1:30p PT) ​B) Jess Willman (8a-3p PT))✅ C) Alan Abarbanell
Back up: Either Alan Abarbanell or Samantha Gibson for any VI that backed out or not available.

Hi there,
This is a friendly reminder that your break experiment is coming up tomorrow! I’ll send you a link here in Slack to access the Maze tool. Be sure to give your self those 10 mins at the beginning of your shift to get set up with your pen, paper, timer and to review instructions.

Good morning! Have fun with the flexible break experiment today. Here’s the link you need to open in Google Chrome and refer to every time you need a break.
(I prescheduled this message to come the morning of your study, so if you need me and I don’t reply right away I’ll get back to you as soon as I can)
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