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Offering Creation Workbook


There are four things that are crucial to getting clarity into the specific audience you want to serve and can look at them as the 4 P’s.
PERSON What type of Person do you help?
Describe the person you want to serve. Be as specific as possible, stating their routines, patterns, family, work and life attributes.
Creating a list of demographics and psychographics for a niche audience involves identifying specific characteristics that can be quantitatively measured.
Here's an example of how you might list these demographics for a niche audience:
a.) Age Range
b.) Gender
c.) Income Level
d.) Geographic Location
e.) Marital/Family Status
a.) lifestyle choices
b.) personality traits
c.) Belief systems
This can also includes interests and activities you’ll use to target your audience such as;
a.) Interests
b.) Experts They Follow (“gurus”)
c. )Authors Tools They Use (software)
d.) Publications
e.) Associations
f.) Groups They Belong To
g.) Products They Buy
PROBLEM What Problem are you helping them fix?
A.) What is your ideal client's current situation? List out their problems.
Examples: — I don’t have time for meditation. — I’m going to quit after a couple of days so why pay? — Does meditation even work? Will it solve the problems I’m facing?
Add Here
Add Here
Add Here
Add Here
Add Here
B.) What are your ideal clients 3-5 key pain points? (What is stopping them from getting to where they want to be?)
Examples: — No clear offer — Not sure how to generate sales calls — Lacking confidence on sales calls — Not sure how to scale their business.
Add Here
Add here
Add Here
Add here
C.) What is the #1 biggest problem they will get on the phone with you to solve?
D.) What is it costing your ideal client staying where they are right now?
Add Here
Add Here
Add Here
Add Here
E.) What are the solutions to each of the problems? *Reversing the problem using solution-oriented language is copywriting 101* Examples:
Too much time -> become more focused, clear and less anxious with just 5 minutes of meditation everyday.
Going to quit -> Make meditation fun and effortless.
Does meditation even work? -> Here’s a list of 1000+ scientific studies that prove meditation works.
PROTOCOL How do you help them? (Method / Process / Unique Mechanism)
This is your unique mechanism/s, or the unique way that you can help.
PAYOFF What is their Dream Outcome? Sell the vacation, not the plane flight!
What will your clients achieve as a result of working with you?

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