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Record Regular Coverage

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Record Coverage

As an assistant, you occasionally need someone to take care of your client when you get busy.
When someone covers for you, we want to pay them for the extra work they took on, and when you cover for someone else, you want to be paid too!
This doc teaches you how to record coverage.

Record Coverage in 2 Steps:

Step 2: Fill out the form
Managing Assistant : The person who covered
Covering Assistant: The person who was covered
Start Date: The first day covered
End Date: The last day covered
Client Connection: The client connection being covered
What is the coverage for?: The coverage reason
Hit Submit
You’re done!
If you need coverage for more than one client, you’ll need to fill out the form for each individual client.
If your client declines coverage you don’t need to fill out the form.

The person who was covered will get a confirmation email checking to make sure the dates are correct.
They can click the link and confirm or dispute coverage
The covering assistant will also get a reminder email
If you have any questions or problems, please check the or email .

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