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2 min intro video
The lines between work, life and travel are becoming increasingly blurred, with over 35 million digital nomads across the globe an estimated one billion by 2035. The opportunity that arose from the pandemic is that working from anywhere has become accessible to nearly everyone. In order to serve this rapidly growing, Market CO here is developing a network of member owned co living communities located in the seductively remote areas of the world. Equal parts Ecovillage Innovation Hub and Retreat centre our spaces and programme. We provide the container for authentic connection, personal growth and frictionless collaboration from the locations we've chosen to the amenities we provide. Our spaces have been intelligently designed for high functioning, remote workers that are seeking a higher quality of life and deeper connection with themselves, their community and the natural world. Our members have the freedom to travel between a continually evolving network of locations while earning equity that goes with them wherever their journey takes them. By creating the first member owned network of co living communities supported by resilient buildings, abundant water and integrated food, Production co. Here is addressing a rapidly growing and underserved market that is blurring the lines between work, life and travel. As a member of CO here, you enjoy the value of owning a home, the flexibility of renting in a sense of belonging wherever you go to lower the barrier of accessing equity, we've structured coherent away that provides members with shared ownership of a continually expanding network of co living communities, providing members with an accessible, tokenized ownership centric model. When we make ownership accessible to our members, we combine our collective energy towards an outcome that is greater than the sum of its parts. By becoming a member of CO here, you gain fractional ownership of the entire asset pool. Cohere holds all the buildings, permaculture farms and community centres are now owned directly by the members themselves. As a member of CO here, you belong to a curated community of purpose driven individuals who have come together to write a new story for humanity, one that instils a sense of unity, purpose and meaning back into our lives. We believe that working together will always take us further, which is why collaboration is woven into the fabric of our culture. Today's world may seem tenuous and uncertain, and that is why we need the courage to take action and course correct the collective direction. Humanity is facing its greatest challenges. So we're inviting you to co create the solutions for a thriving life in times of radical chains, join us and learn how you can become a part of creating a whole new way of living.
1 Min Y-combinator Pitch
I am Dakotah Apostolou, the CEO, architect, and designer for Cohere
I am Josh Burtnett, the CSO and I focus on tokenomics, financial projections, and system design
I am Devin Lyttle, the CXO and i develop the messaging, branding, and customer journey
In 2021 there were 16M digital nomads in the US and over 35M across the globe. That number is estimated to be 1 billion by 2035. Since the pandemic, working from anywhere has become accessible to a booming population.
The main pain points for traveling digital nomads are access to community, consistent, high-quality amenities, and accruing equity in stable assets.
Cohere is developing a network of member-owned co-living co-working spaces located in seductively remote areas of the world. Equal parts ecovillage, innovation hub and retreat center, our spaces provide the container for connection, growth and collaboration. We enable digital nomads to connect with passion and purpose to impact their lives and those around them.
We have tokenized our securities making it easy for members and investors to gain fractional ownership and ease of liquidity in of Cohere's assets .
We have hosted 5 multi-month co-working, co-living events in different Latin America countries with early stage members.
We've raised $150k from Friends & Family.
We've got potential Cohere locations with property owners in Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Hudson NY, India, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Arizona, and Wyoming.
The 3 co-founders have been working together since 2020. We now have a team of 12 and we have 500 sign ups to our member list.
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