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We are a collective community of individuals who believe in a brighter tomorrow. We believe in a world where web3 enables the creation of thriving and open-source public goods. We are artists, engineers, technologists, ecologists, and rebels who are coming together to build the future. As a community, we uphold the following principles:
Diversity → Inclusion - We celebrate and elevate our members’ diverse backgrounds and seek to understand and value each of our unique perspectives in our interactions with our fellow members.
Creativity - We are building a more joyful, prosperous, and beautiful world by leveraging the creative genius of our community, through art, technology and storytelling.
Wonder/Curiosity → Experimentation - While exploring these new and uncharted territories, we aim to create a culture that encourages an open-curious mindset and an aptitude to learn from one another.
Integrity → Perseverance - The work we’re doing is deeply rooted in enabling new regenerative systems that promote wellbeing for all on earth. We show up with integrity, honesty, and dedication to our service.
Actualization - We have discovered the joy of taking the grandiose visions that have been held for generations and grounding them into material form. We love to play with visioning, but we thrive from making that vision tangible.
Coherence → Inner Work - To us, this is not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. We value the inner-world as much as the outer, and know that what we hold inside ourselves will be manifest in our external reality. Therefore, our eternal journey is to seek coherence within ourselves to realize the beauty of what we can create.
Passion → Play - We come from a place of unbounded play, and continuously work to release the fear of taking the leap and stepping into the unknown. Cohere, at its heart, is an expression of our collective play in action.
Purpose - We understand the world we live in today and, if nothing changes, where we are headed. That's why we are living our purpose to create a better quality of life for all involved — no matter the conditions of the world at large.
Inclusion - We invite all inspired individuals to come together and co-create their dream reality. Inclusivity, to us, is to hold respect for all humans on their journey and to celebrate the way they choose to walk it.
As our community expands and develops, our principles will continue to be informed by this natural evolution.

WHY: Purpose
Purpose of Cohere:
Cohere is a

Core problem: there is not a means, methodology or culture for how we practically build life on the planet. The current economic system directly threatens the existence of life on this planet. Cohere is a means to empower ever growing number of people to work together on creating and living models that restore and increase the quality of life. Cohere creates a system where people can work together to build a world that works, with an economic model that rewards contributions, and incentives stewardship, restoration, and community responsibility.

Core Purpose : enable people to be in their passion. To create frameworks for increasing the quality of life. To instill and generate cultures of people caring for each other and the planet.

Why Cohere:
Replace incentives:
Current socio economic system is killing the planet and so we need to develop a new culture, economic model, and incentives.

rowing existential treats and needs to the existence of life itself due to the current global economic framework. I

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