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The basic concept is simple: the more the token appreciates in value (through investments of capital, land, and energy) the greater incentive there is for members to positively contribute to the network, since they now have a vested interest. We recognize the value in distributing ownership to our members, as it will realign incentives toward creating a higher standard of living for everyone involved while creating a healthier relationship with the earth and each other.

Option 2

To lower the barrier to accessing equity, we've structured Cohere in a way that provides members with shared ownership of a continually expanding network of co-living communities around the world, providing members with an accessible, tokenized, ownership-centric model.

How it works

Members earn $COHERE security tokens based on their level of participation within the network (i.e. investment, member dues, rent, labor, etc.)
Tokens are backed by the value of real assets (land, infrastructure, farms, etc.) which provides stability and security, even in times of economic volatility
These asset-backed $COHERE tokens appreciate in value as more tokens are issued — through capital or real estate investments, along with the aforementioned member activities
A percentage of annual profits are allocated to buy back tokens from members, providing a structured exit in advance of a liquidity event

Josh’s Talking Points - Campaign Video

We are building a new world through a revolutionary economic model that puts the power of the GDP in to the hand of the individual. By fractionalizing the equity of Cohere and distributing it to our members via tokens, we empower our members to create their own financial saga through our network. Our economic model is a self-contained feedback loop, where the more members engage in the network the more valuable their tokens become. Now when any one person provides value to the system, all fractional share holders of Cohere see their personal value increase. This mechanism allows us to realign incentives that motivate self-interest towards collaboration and co-creation.
When we can align our individual energy under a collective vision for a world that is better than we could all ever imagine, we can shift the paradigm we are currently experiencing. The challenges our society is facing are insurmountable under the leadership of fractured governments and politicized ideals. We need to have the courage to take action for ourselves and loved ones and co-create the reality we truly desire. Imagine if you had an entire nation’s resources and the population of willing collaborators at your disposal, what would be possible to manifest. That is what Cohere’s economic model provides; a way for each individual to choose their own adventure and work toward creating what they see is the most valuable assets for the future of Humanity.
Cohere’s main business activity is to design highly functional coworking co-living infrastructure to provide the worlds exploding population of Digital Nomads elegant spaces to be radically successful in their endeavors. By developing high-end real estate assets integrated with food production and water retention, Cohere establishes a decentralized vault of resilient communities. The collection of these valuable resources creates a baseline of value that substantiates the value of the $COHERE token. The more revenue and business activities for Cohere the more we can strengthen this vault of modern day gold. It is this growing vault in which members hold fractional shares of and can utilize the appreciating value for their passion projects.
It's important to us that all of our members are investors so everyone gets the opportunity to realize the gains of a growing pool of real estate assets. We have several methods in which someone can be a member-owner of Cohere: our Accredited and Non-US citizen investment portal and our equity crowdfunding campaign. These two financial vehicles paired with our Decentralized Autonomous Organization or (DAO) allow us to ensure the success of Cohere while giving every member the ability to choose their own adventure when it comes to taking part in co-creating Cohere.
When we make ownership accessible to our members we combine our collective energy towards an outcome greater than the sum of its parts. By becoming a member of Cohere, you gain fractional ownership of the entire asset pool Cohere holds through the $COHERE token. All the buildings, permaculture farms, and community centers are now owned directly by the members themselves.

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