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Covid has impacted all our lives and continues to change how we live. Along with technology and rising costs of living, it has led to a boom in remote working, slow travel and community oriented co-living. Cohere is at the nexus of these rapidly growing and underserved markets. Isolation and mental health issues are on the rise; rather than being pulled apart, we have the opportunity to come together like never before. If you want to be part of building a thriving network of communities of people standing up for humanity together, innovate, uplevel the quality of our lives, build showcase architecture, build paradises together, then we invite you to get involved.
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With the era of tourism coming to an end, destination travel is becoming the new normal. Despite the challenges of modern travel, a recent Airbnb report reveals that more people are taking more trips to more places. These travelers are seeking out unique stays in remote locations and staying for longer due to the ability to work remotely.
Now that nearly 40% of people consider travel a part of their lifestyle, our lives are becoming increasingly decentralized. As solutions-oriented designers, engineers, architects and entrepreneurs, we saw this gap in the market as an opportunity to not only create a solution that meets the needs of the modern lifestyle, but develop an entirely new way of living.
We believe that homeownership and location independence shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Now that work and travel are an extension of our lives, it’s essential that our spaces and amenities reflect this new way of living. As a member of Cohere, you enjoy the value of owning a home, the flexibility of renting, and a sense of belonging wherever you go.
What if you could have all of the benefits of owning a home — without the burden of a mortgage or maintenance — while enjoying the flexibility of renting?

Community Builders

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