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Cohere is a member-owned global network of coworking, co-living spaces designed to foster co-creation of regenerative impact solutions.


Using our unique combination of technology, security compliance, and real estate assets we have developed an entirely new method of what it means to ‘own’ property and realize the value of that ownership. All of Cohere’s members are also owners. Being an owner means, each person holds a fraction of the total assets in Cohere’s holding. Our technology allows us to fractionalize the shares of Cohere and make them easily liquid. As Cohere accrues more assets, the member’s shares increase in value. Now members can hold a fractional share of a pool of real estate assets and sell portions of their holdings at any time. This gives our members the value of owning real estate while offering the benefits of easy liquidity.


Cohere is building out a network of infrastructure, focusing on connecting physical assets across the global. The physical assets will be catered towards the co-working and co-living market segments. These will come from pre-existing communities that need an economic boost by accessing our member pool, from partnership organizations where Cohere supports the design and development of new properties in a franchise-like model, and new flagship sites fully designed and operated by Cohere. All physical assets will be held by Cohere Network Ltd and ownership will be fractionalized to our members and investors.


Our spaces will be designed to accommodate the modern digital nomad. There will be ample variety of working spaces, both for individual quiet needs and collaboration areas.


Our living areas are specifically designed to harmonize the perfect balance of privacy and community. With elegant living quarters that are blending with the natural environment, members can experience the serenity of nature and peace of mind in their own temporary home. The common spaces provide the vitality of the village square and the luxury of high-end amenities.


Cohere locations are intelligently designed to incorporate food production, water purification and retention, resilient shelters, and community exploration. Cohere sees the gold of the new era are these key aspects of within the hierarchy of needs to create a stable foundation for an increasing quality of life. Cohere is not holding just any type of real estate but high quality, extremely resilient community-centric assets to provide the greatest multi-dimensional value to our members.


We believe that the way forward, with the best hope for the future of humanity is through collaboration and co-creation. We foresee a world where humans are stewards of the land, each other, and themselves and the cultural norms of society are woven from this inherent truth. In order to realize this new world we need to build a bridge and start with one plank at a time. Our understanding is the first plank must be to realign the economic incentives we currently operate our society from, with zero-sum game mentality and extractive consumption at its heart. Our fractional ownership model in encourages and rewards collaboration through participation and engagement in impact projects. When ever a member provides energy to a Cohere impact project they are compensated with more fractional ownership of the whole network. This exchange not only increases the value of the physical assets affected by the impact project, but also the direct monetary value of the fractional ownership shares. Now when one members support enhancing the network and lives of the members, everyone benefits in multiple ways. This incentives other members to support and collaborate because of the omni-win conditions in place.

Regenerative Impact Solutions

Cohere’s holding of community-centric physical assets are perfect incubators to take on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We will create projects and programs housed in our physical locations that members can choose to engage with and be compensated in additional fractional ownership shares of Cohere. The locations now become excellent prototype facilities and testing beds for people passionate about addressing climate change, poverty, education and more by directly involving themselves into these hyperlocal, bioregional impact solutions. This aspect goes hand in hand with the member-ownership because engagement in impact projects by the members increases their ownership shares and thereby increasing the value of the total holding, in turn making everyone’s value of ownership increase.
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