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A network of global co-working & co-living innovation hubs defined by decentralized ownership of all members involved (MISHA)
Cohere is a member-owned network of impact-focused entrepreneurs and change-makers living in intentional communities around the world. (DAKOTAH)
Cohere is a member-owned global network of coworking, co-living spaces designed to foster co-creation of regenerative impact solutions.

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Welcome to the evolution of home. Cohere is a member-owned network of conscious co-living communities.
Join the world’s 1st member-owned network of co-living communities designed to facilitate coherence
Cohere is a member-owned network of conscious co-living communities that combine the value of owning a home, the freedom of renting and a sense of belonging wherever you go.
We are building containers for decentralized, self-sufficient, and interconnected thriving communities.
We’ve developed a fractionalized ownership model that disincentivizes land ownership by developing an alternative that is substantially more valuable – financially, socially, environmentally.
Designed not only to provide everything you need to work remotely, but also to facilitate deep and meaningful connections.
Our innovative model grants members fractional ownership of a cooperative network of properties around the world.

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