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All the NFT drops will be built off of 4 tiers. Each tier is associated with a cost (priced in Ethereum) and a set of perks. Cohere DAO NFTs will not be associated with ownership of Cohere security tokens, membership, or governance at this point. The purpose of the NFTs is to highlight artists in the network, create additional perks for members, build a connection between the digital and physical art pieces, and raise capital to operate the functions and initiatives of the DAO.

Cohere DAO NFTs

Genesis Drop

This drop will be used to reward our earliest members and supporters in Cohere. This will have a unique artist create the initial image and then all the pieces will be created using generative methods. Generative art uses AI to take one simple image and create unique images from that original source. The artist for this set will likely be a local Guatemalan artist paired with someone who has the technical skills to execute an NFT drop. Our target for launching these NFTs is sometime in April, potentially the 3rd or 4th week of the month. The original painting will be displayed in our first Guatemala location.
100 unique generative NFTs
60% sold to the public
40% held by the DAO for future rewards
Perk level 1: .25 ETH
Perk Level 2: .5 ETH

Founding Member Drop

This drop will be associated with the Coherence Lab - Guatemala event in May. The goal of that event is to work on the DAO structure for Cohere, especially in relation to the governance. The artist for this set will be a fairly famous artist from the states. Currently we have 2-3 artist lined up with our ideal being Russ Renualt. He is a world-famous artist that use oil paint to create images of endangered animals to bring awareness to their plight. He may attend the event in May for a short period of time and create a painting of an endangered species from Guatemala. We would then use this image and pair it with an NFT creator to generate all the NFTs in this series. The original painting will be displayed in our flagship Guatemala location.
1000 unique NFTs
70% sold to the public
30% held by the DAO for future rewards
A portion of these will be gifted to all the attendees and supporters of the Coherence Labs - Guatemala event for their participation
Perk Level 1: .25 ETH
Perk Level 2: 1 ETH
Perk Level 3: 5 ETH

Launch Drop

This drop is still to be determined. It would follow a similar development of the first 2 drops but would be used to build up brand awareness and have much more NFTs minted. This drop could be associated with the grand opening of our first fully operational Cohere location.
10000 unique NFTs
80% sold to the public
20% held by the DAO for future rewards
Perk Level 1: 1 ETH
Perk Level 2: 5 ETH
Perk Level 3: 10 ETH
Perk Level 4: 20 ETH


Perk Level 1

Private Discord channels
Affiliate network discounts
Dashboard standout
Community portal member recognition

Perk Level 2

All of Perk Level 1 +
Preferred Access stays
Depending on Membership status
Member callout on digital display in our communal area of Cohere location
Invited to support impact projects
Artwork in room accommodations

Perk Level 3

All of Perk Level 1 & 2 +
Exclusive invite to special events
Depending on Membership status
Discount on stays at Cohere locations
Depending on Membership status
Member name engraved on a Cohere building

Perk Level 4

All of Perk Levels 1, 2, & 3 +
Members unique NFT displayed as a mural at one of our Cohere Locations
1 month free preferred stay at any Cohere location

Use of NFT Funds


This will focus on the technology stack and digital development of the Cohere ecosystems and member-centric systems


These funds will be used to pay the board members of the DAO, bounties, DAO contributors, consulting services, and other operational functions deemed valuable by the DAO.

Impact projects

A significant portion of the funds raised by the sale of NFTs will go into a collective DAO Impact fund to support impact projects directly related to Cohere locations, adjacent communities, and/or member initiated projects that provide impact aligned with the values of the DAO. An example of this would be to retrofit advanced composting toilets to all the homes in the local communities sharing a bioregion with Cohere.

Land Improvements

Some of the funds can be held in reserve for future projects that will improve either land directly operated by Cohere or by adjacent properties in the local area.
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