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We believe that in order to build a community first you have to start with a shared culture. In order to build a shared culture you need to have trust between the individuals of that culture. In order to build trust you need to break bread with each other for extended periods of time.
At Cohere, we see ourselves as playing the role of bridge-builders, creating the pathway for people to move into a community of trusted and welcoming individuals that share a sense of purpose and desire to create a thriving culture together.
Our goal is to foster deep and impactful connections between our members where culture can grow and thrive. We are not here to dictate the terms of that culture or how it should look, we are simply here to facilitate the emergence of unique and self-sufficient collectives through matching the individual vibe with the right tribe.
We do this through a vetting process that allows members to self-select the journey they are on and what experiences they desire to receive through our network. We have developed a multi-tiered approach to creating a network of trusted and highly valued members who share a vision of a better world. Our focus is to create an open invite to all but also a clear standard of the quality of people in the network so that our members can trust the people they are sharing space with are aligned in desires and values. The members can choose to engage at whatever level of the system they want while knowing there are clearly defined pathways for them to get more involved in the co-creation process and gain access to greater perks and rewards.
A significant ethos we hold is that access to ownership should be available to all, no matter the socio-economic background of the individual. This is why we see it is so important that all our members are investors. In order to enter the first stage of the membership tiers and transition from a potential customer, a person first needs to invest a minimum of $100. This creates deep buy-in from the individual, a sense of ownership in the system, a desire to see the network succeed and puts all members on equal footing when entering. We have decoupled ownership and governance so that no matter how much someone invests they do not get any more say in how things run than any other member.

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