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Investment Channels

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To make our offering as widely available as possible, we have developed a number of channels for everyone to be able to participate in the $COHERE offering.

Accredited U.S. Investors and Non-U.S. Investors

These investors can invest into Cohere Network Ltd. via our portal at under the Reg D 506(c) exemption or the Reg S exemption for non-U.S. investors. There is a KYC process and verification process of U.S. accredited investors. We are using an evolution of the SAFE as the financial instrument to execute the distribution of $COHERE tokens as cryptographic representations of future equity.

Non-accredited U.S. Investors

Due to the regulations of the SEC, non-accredited U.S. investors cannot invest through Reg D or Reg S. Our ethos at Cohere is that every member should have access to gaining equity and ownership in the value they help create. That is why we have structured an equity crowdfunding raise using Reg CF. Now, any person, regardless of socioeconomic status, can invest a minimum of $100 and gain equity via a traditional SAFE agreement through our .


CohereDAO exists to support the wider Cohere ecosystem whilst remaining an independent entity. CohereDAO intends to utilize cryptographically-secured organizational management tools to improve and automate CohereDAO’s business operations, governance, and treasury management.
CohereDAO will serve as the pillar upon which Cohere’s community ecosystem will develop pragmatic solutions to foster harmony with CohereDAO members. The DAO will enable us to explore how we may form compliant financial models to allow for greater degrees of investor diversity, participation, and governance. The CohereDAO will enable us all to dynamically and collectively organize to support the Cohere Network mission of fostering regenerative and resilient economies. CohereDAO will serve as the platform through which Cohere members will be able to leverage their community and resources to restore bioregional ecosystems, support local impact initiatives, and develop regenerative infrastructure to enhance the vitality of the land and wellbeing of humanity.

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