Short Descriptions

Impact Incubators

Option 1
To get into more specifics around the incubator, these will be professionally facilitated gatherings with the intention of developing practical solutions to address humanity’s most pressing issues. Some solutions will have a focus on the local community or bioregion, and be prototyped onsite; while others may have a wider market appeal and impact. Each incubator will be dedicated to a specific area of focus, where we will bring together a highly curated group of thought leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, policymakers, etc. that have domain expertise within that area. Each cohort will span two weeks to a month, bringing key players together for the duration to live and work alongside one another at our locations. Our intention is to create a container of coherence that allows everyone to collaborate from a place of trust.
Changemakers Unite
Amplify your impact.
As a member of Cohere you belong to a curated community of purpose-driven individuals who have come together to write a new story for humanity — one that instills a sense of unity, purpose and meaning back into our lives. We believe that working together will always take us further, which is why collaboration is woven into the fabric of our culture.
Resilient Communities
Thriving inside of change.
As earth events intensify and systems continue to erode, our communities of values-aligned members — supported by resilient buildings, abundant water and integrated food production — create the conditions for the mutual thriving of people and planet. These communities will continue to expand over time — both in scope and scale — creating a global network of villages dedicated to intentional living.
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