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Business Model
We've intentionally designed our business model to ensure that everyone wins, at every level.
The mutual thriving of our primary stakeholders — our investors, our members, our collaborators, the communities that we operate in, and our planet — is built upon systems of reciprocity and incentivized participation, creating a symbiosis that enhances the entire ecosystem.
Our simple investment strategy combines the latest decentralized finance (DeFi) innovations and fully-compliant investment instruments, which allows us to operate as if we were publicly traded while remaining privately held. Using this innovative instrument allows us to issue "securities tokens" (see FAQs) based on contributions that enhance the value of the network.
The real value of this economic model is that it allows us to share the success of Cohere with anyone who has contributed to the network — by issuing them shares ("tokens") in the company — without further diluting the company's equity pool. As we issue more tokens to our stakeholders, the greater the token value appreciates which creates a network effect that stimulates organic growth.
Here's how it works:
Members earn securities tokens based on their level of participation within the network (i.e. member dues, labor, skillshare, etc.)
Tokens are backed by the value of hard assets (land, infrastructure, farms, etc.) which provides stability and security, even in times of economic volatility
These asset-backed tokens appreciate in value as more tokens are issued — through capital or real estate investments, along with the aforementioned member activities
A percentage of annual profits are allocated to buy back tokens from members, providing a structured exit in advance of a liquidity event
Looking ahead, we will be issuing a stable coin (backed by the value of the securities token) that will become the means of exchange within the network
Campaign Video Script
The lines between work, life and travel are becoming increasingly blurred. With over 35M digital nomads across the globe — and an estimated 1 billion by 2035 — the opportunity that arose from the pandemic is that working from anywhere has become accessible to nearly all of us.
Despite the challenges of modern travel, a recent Airbnb report reveals that more people are taking more trips to more places. These travelers are seeking out unique stays in remote locations and staying for longer due to the ability to work remotely. Understandably, after years of social isolation, travelers are also putting more emphasis on who they’re with and what they do together rather than where they go and what they see.
Although location independence has its advantages, this lifestyle can create a perpetual cycle of debt due to the inability to gain equity in a home, along with a sense of loneliness due to the lack of meaningful connections.
Airbnb has revolutionized the way that we live and travel — making it possible to go and stay anywhere in a moment’s notice — yet the era of tourism is coming to an end. Many of us are seeking a deeper connection to people and place and desire a supportive community and collaborative work environment at these destinations. Now that nearly 40% of people consider travel a part of their lifestyle, it’s time to evolve “home” to adapt to the new normal and meet the needs of the modern lifestyle.
As solutions-oriented designers, engineers, architects and entrepreneurs, we saw this gap in the market as an opportunity to not only create a solution that meets this need, but develop an entirely new way of living.
We started by asking a simple question: what if you could have all of the benefits of owning a home — without the burden of a mortgage or maintenance — while enjoying the flexibility of renting? From this simple inquiry, we spent the next year developing an innovative economic model that equitably distributes ownership of an entire network of real estate assets to our members, without tethering them to a location. For the cost of a studio apartment, our members have the freedom to travel between a continually evolving network of locations while earning equity that goes with them, wherever their journey takes them.
Now that work and travel are an extension of our lives, it’s essential that our spaces reflect this new way of living. Located in seductively remote areas of the world, our global network of co-living communities offer the freedom and serenity that only nature can provide, along with the companionship of a supportive community. Equal parts innovation hub, intentional community and retreat center, our spaces provide the container for authentic connection, personal growth, open expression and frictionless collaboration. Our spaces and programming are intentionally designed to provide the perfect balance of facilitation and flow to support individuals and teams in gaining greater trust and deeper coherence.
These communities will continue to expand over time — both in scope and scale — creating a global network of villages dedicated to intentional living.
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