Essential Apps That Will Make Your Job Easier

Coda is truly your go-to platform when it comes to integrating and connecting your most important apps. and ask how you can give Coda a spin for free!
Essential Apps That Will Make Your Job Easier
The use of mobile applications has revolutionized the way we carry out businesses. These apps evolve to become more powerful to assist your business run efficiently. Most small business apps enable you to manage daily operations, manage your expenses, and engage your customers; most are also accessible from your smartphone, allowing you to conduct businesses wherever you are. (This extra screen time calls for keeping your device , so look into investing in a quality charger like a wireless charger, which provides super-fast charge times and the convenience of not having to deal with cords.)
As a small business owner, automating tasks keeps you organized and streamlines business activities.
shares insights into some must-have apps and how to use them in your business.
When it comes to combining several functions and integrating apps into one workable solution, Coda’s hard to beat. is an all-in-one document that can handle aspects of your operation -- like project management, customer correspondence, and budgeting -- without having to juggle using multiple platforms. The result is being able to avoid paying big overhead expenses and saving by not having to dish out so much on individual subscriptions and updates. Coda also has familiar interfaces, whether it’s similar to a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet.
Coda docs can also be interlinked with other apps using “packs” that connect the disparate programs. Acting somewhat as an information portal, this streamlines much of your business activities, saving you time and keeping you more organized.
Next, you can use an app to automate and track your inventory. CentralBOS points out that having a functional for wholesale distribution helps you maximize productivity while minimizing pricing errors. You can advance wholesale purchases and organize your order management process. If you conduct business online, ensure you have a system that is compatible with sites such as Amazon and Spotify. This helps you accommodate and process customer orders.
QuickBooks also comes with an intuitive accounting solution designed specifically for small business owners. It supports customized invoices and has features to enable tracking and billing expenses. You can send automatic reminders, track billable time, and manage projects. Saras Analytics notes that you can expect that allows you to focus on your business. It also syncs to your business bank and credit card accounts and automatically updates your daily expenses.
The software also allows you to view charts on your invoices, profit and loss, revenue generated, and expenses. You can automatically track inventory, mileage, and time and also apply penalties to overdue invoices. Some more features to help you save time are:
You can easily customize and of your invoices.
You’re able to customize the terms of payment, including notes to your customers. You can request deposits, and generate payment schedules as well.
It's possible to copy and edit past invoices instead of creating new ones
You can schedule recurring invoices sent every week, month, year, or the duration you select.
You’re able to manage projects and bill at an hourly or flat rate.
to indicate profit and loss, sales taxes, expense, invoice details, payments.
Belly is a customer loyalty app that helps businesses acquire new customers and engage existing customers. It drives sales by sending automatic emails to returning visitors and . Your customers are able to get valuable offers for repeat business using the Belly App and Belly Card. Belly also has an online directory that enables customers to locate and engage your business.
Customers earn points by accessing your business and interacting with it on popular review sites. It’s possible to integrate Belly with CRM tools such as monthly email marketing, collecting data, and managing reputation. With Belly, customer activity is automatically uploaded on Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter, enabling customers to like your page from the Belly app. You’re able to categorize
You can enroll your business on a mobile-based page to show your hours of operation, website, phone number, and social media links. You can also customize and send email blasts to your customers twice a month. Belly is subscription-based with a 30-day trial period.
In this day and age, the use of apps and automating as much of your business operations as possible is a real need rather than just an indulgence. This is especially true in the post-pandemic world. These platforms are just the tip of the iceberg!
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