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Requests to Asana

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Requests to Asana

Keep Asana accessible from within your doc with this template. As you go through your regular rituals, from 1:1’s to stand up, you can drop this table into your doc to maintain a global todo list. Be sure to click “Create Task In Asana” to send the task to your Asana project.
See to configure where tasks are sent. To add more power, you can turn on an automation to end new tasks to Asana (no more manual clicking!). See how to set it up under .

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Ready for Asana?
Fix the broken build
The build has been broken for a few days now and needs to be fixed.
Buck Dubois
Create Task In Asana
Implement the new security policy
The new security policy needs to be implemented.
James Booth
Create Task In Asana
Work on performance issues
We need to work on some performance issues that have been identified.
Adam Davis
Create Task In Asana
Help Gary with migration
Gary will need some assistance with migrating our data sets across environments.
Adam Davis
Create Task In Asana
Upgrade the testing environment
The testing environment needs to be upgraded to the latest version.
Alan Chowansky
Create Task In Asana
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