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Asana + Coda

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Asana + Coda

Manage, track, and connect your teams most effectively.
Coda is the all-in-one doc that brings words, data, and teams together. It starts with a blinking cursor on a blank page and can grow as big as your team’s ambition. With our new Asana Pack, you can bring your dispersed team and scattered toolkit all together into a workspace that works best for you. No more clunky attachments or stale data; manage your project tracker, launch calendar, and team hub in a doc that does more.

Why Asana + Coda?

🗒️ Connect

Teams split across multiple tools work off of siloed, stale data. Now, you can centralize your product management software alongside notes, tools, and planners in a single team hub, helping your team reduce back-and-forth and work faster.

🚀 Launch

With Asana alone, PMs are forced to code switch (and tab switch!) to monitor progress. By linking Asana to Coda, managers can track and update the launch calendars right in their unified workspace.

📈 Optimize

Working across scattered toolkits can be a waste of time and resources. The Asana Pack allows teams to determine successes and stuck points at a glance in their project tracker—and quickly determine where their valuable attention should be spent.

🤝 Ideate

Communication and decision-making with Asana often requires outside tools and offline chats. With Coda’s rich text surface, there’s space to ideate right alongside your management tools.

How to use the Asana Pack

Install the Asana Pack to your Coda doc to centralize your materials.

Installing the Pack.

Asana Pack install gif.gif
Click the gear icon in the upper right of Coda and choose Packs.
Click add a new Pack.
Search for and select Asana and click sign in to install.
Sign in to your Asana account, then choose the view and action permission levels for the doc.
Paste a link to a task from your Asana account
From the contextual “Display As” menu select Pack Cards > Asana
Sign in to install
Sign in to your Asana account, then choose the view and action permission levels for the doc.

Want to get started quickly? No need to begin from scratch. We’ve provided you with some of our favorite time-saving templates—all pre-wired to work with your Asana account, once you’ve connected it to Coda. Explore, copy, and adapt the pages below to fit your team:

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