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Want your doc to be interactive and explorable? Choose Play modeーvisitors will be able to use controls, click buttons, and filter tables, but none of their changes will be saved.
If you’re publishing data, then there’s probably some insight to gain. But why not let your viewers get their hands dirty—really dig into the data you provide? In his blog post-turned-interactive-toolkit, Superhuman founder and CEO Rahul Vohra uses controls to allow for actual data manipulation, from filtering down charts to reassigning personas.
Joe’s trip planning doc is similar to Helena and Carlo’s recommendation guide, but with buttons to press. From currency exchange to map directions to packing checklists, you (and everyone else, for that matter) can perfect your trip without changing Joe’s original information.
The name isn’t a lie; this doc is quite simple. But that doesn’t undercut the use of controls to establish a sense of data interactivity.
Templates you might find useful
Who can resist clicking a button? Certainly not your doc viewers. So let them click their hearts out. Give your viewers the freedom to create a new row in a table, show support with a clap, play a song, or interact with your data—what the button does is up to you.

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