The Knowledgement Starter Kit: Wikis, knowledge bases, and knowledge hubs

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Friend or FOE (Fear of Engagement)? Change is never easy, even when it solves real problems. And Ilya makes a great point:
It’s not just about the structure of information. It’s about how satisfied I am with the usage.
Even the most organized knowledge hub will suffer from low adoption if the content is duplicative, out-of-date, and just plain boring. Van-Anh’s realization about usability echos her insight about knowledgement organization: it needs to be intentional.
I hadn’t really thought about UI or making it fun, which I realized was actually really important. In the beginning, it took a much more serious tone, but then I tried to incorporate humor when appropriate, or icons and visuals, just to make it much more engaging. Instead of a chore to go through documentation, it’s actually an engaging channel to learn, access, and contribute to knowledge.
These templates can help you create an engaging and well-tailored doc that will actually get used by your team:
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