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Intro page

Welcome your team to their knowledge hub.
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Remind readers of your mission and values, give them direction on where to go next, and why this doc is a valuable resource for knowledge.

Do this first:

Browse our and get familiar with commonly-used acronyms.
Join #slack-channel for updates.
Watch this for context on why knowledge hubs are important.
Where to find what you need.
Snapshots of what everyone is working on and when.
Words to know.

What is this doc, anyway?

Our team’s single source of truth: Everything you need to know about who our team is and what we’re doing is detailed here.
A place for real-time updates: We’re using to bring in data from other docs to make sure our data is accurate.
Your personal space: Make yourself at home, and make your page what you need it to be.

A few reminders.

Because all of our goals are reflections of the company’s mission and values, we’ve added them below.
Our mission
The thumb wrestling organization’s mission is to increase the dexterity of thumbs everywhere through friendly competition.
Our values
Good sportsmanship - We believe respect fosters healthy relationships and flexible thumbs.
Participation - We value the contribution of all employees, volunteers, and event attendees.

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