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Hello, World.

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Hello, World.

Let's get you published.
A resume. A manifesto. A thinkpiece with buttons. A pre-flight checklist, plus an interactive itinerary for when you land. A wedding event page. Maybe a . Or why not a true web app that helps you spec a project, name a baby, or blitzscale your company?
All of them are docs.
Today (2/24/2020) we launch Publishing. That means you can now turn any Coda doc into a sleek, shareable site for the world-wide web. You can make your doc discoverable via Google or copyable like a templateーbut only if you want. Then you can bring your doc to life with interactivity, of which we offer three modes: View, Play, and Edit. View is read-only. Play lets others demo your doc. And Edit lets them actually contribute.
Add Coda's building blocks to the equation, and you can quickly and easily publish an insight with depth and dimensionーand not just to your team but to all teams. (Well, all teams with an Internet connection.)

Open-source your docs.

Insight comes in a myriad of forms. It can be a well-written blog post. An incisive tweet. Or maybe it's a doc that you've honed with your team or developed over time.
Publishing lets you "productize" these insights. And by turning copying on, you can encourage others to replicate your idea and put it into practice. Like this from Claire Hughes Johnson, or Square's famous from Gokul Rajaram.
If you have a doc, the hard work is already done. Just hit publish. Then turn on search engine discoverability so people can find it.
If you've ever blindly searched for business advice on Google, you know how rare it is to dig up usable resources. What if, rather than generic listicles from content marketing farms, you could find insights and tools from respected, experienced people in your industry? What if docs were open source?
Turn your insight out. It's good for everybody.

Or just say hello.

Stake your claim on the internet with the classic programming prompt: A simple "Hello, World." Just a few words about you, a booklist,
Even then, you do have some tough choices to make. Like what the first section icon should be. And the cover photo: Which of the million+ high-quality free images (thank you, Unsplash) will set the right emotional and aesthetic tone for this landmark work? (You can upload your own image if you want; if not, curating is a creative expression in its own right.)
The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Add your name to the byline. Write a subtitle. Thisーin combination with your welcome page cover photoーwill make up a customizable link that unfurls like this:
20013-Publishing_Launch (2).gif

Pretty neat, right?
We've seen this community of makers share an awesome proliferation of toolkits, frameworks, worksheets, calculators, crowdsourcing templates and moreーall chock-full of insight. We can't wait for you to share it with everyone else.

Start simple.


👉 .

👉 Or visit the .

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