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The MH/SH target went well
The CUG part went well too
For # of products/week added to the market, the initial assumption was that we could do 400/week till the run up to those weeks
with govt extending lockdowns, the team still felt that things would start reopening
We realised going into March that even the adjusted target of 350 seemed to be on the higher side and by then, the action was more reactive in trying to find ways to hit numbers in a few weeks
We also were initially focusing more on the products for coverage and MH/SH and not on the entire catalog that could be available

Mitigations & next steps:
analyse our entire catalog, especially for cities already live and suppliers that already have products online and get more of these products reviewed added
internal daily tracking of products added to the market so that we can see which regions have gaps and flag them regularly to Booking
Weekly check in with Booking on upcoming cities for launch and flag impact of lockdowns in advance
Work together with some flexibility in swapping cities not just with the ones this Q but also next part of the year if required
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