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Simple Financial Projections

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Welcome to the (Simple) Financial Projections Doc!

This doc is a continuation of , which is all about fundraising stories manifested in questions and answers. The flip side of a story is the evidence of that story told in numbers and logic. This is where this doc comes in. It attempts to simplify the lineup of projections and drivers (for example, your revenue and costs drivers) and model them out into the future with various assumptions of your choosing.

Core Functions

This doc is a simplified version of a typical financial projection model, where a company would have a bunch of items to project, for example Revenues, Cost of goods sold (COGS) and Sales and Admin costs (SG&A) and so on. Usually these items are driven by a set of driver items that represent a certain aspect of the business activity. It could be the number of employees and average wage, as well of number of items and average selling price per item.

In a nutshell, you will be able to:
Define timeframe of historical and projection period
Create as many items to be projected as you like
Create corresponding drivers for each item projected
Further calculation on items projected → items that are results of other items, such as aggregations and margins/rates


How it works

To start, go to to set the table for the projection model, where you will be given step-by-step instruction as to how to setup the data and core assumptions.

Ready? Go to:

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