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Fundraising OS

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About This Doc

A system that tracks every aspect of the fundraising process:🕴️the investors, 📖the story, ❓the Q&A and the 📞Feedback.

☘️ Background

The fundraising OS is my attempt to structure the otherwise chaotic process of startup fundraising, especially for first-time entrepreneurs.
This is the doc that I’ve built and several of my portfolio companies use to manage their ongoing fundraising efforts.
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and customize to fit your own needs!
In a nutshell, the fundraising process includes the following aspects:
The investors
The story you are trying to sell: which usually comprise of the problem, the solution and the team.
Lots of Q&As to establish common grounds and help the investor understand the story
Data to prove your story
The system aims to bring the four vital pieces of the fundrasing process together in one place.
The investor database
Track the investors, and the meetings associated with them
Questions Database
Questions anticipated, to help put some structure around how you present the story
Track the question asked by the investor, and group them for later analysis → wrapping structure around the seemingly ad-hoc conversations
View the questions in investor’s perspective, so you know how they fit together to form a story from the other end of the table
Feedback analysis:
How did we do? Red flags that we should be aware of
How much time are we spending talking to the investors? Is that time with X VC worth it? Are we focusing 80% of our time on the 20% VCs that matter the most? (Usually there’s a tell in how they frame their questions, are they in the know or are they just casually chatting away to learn about the market)

💡 How to use this Doc

To jump start the system, you can hop over to to get rolling with some template questions
During the meetings, track insightful or sharp questions, track how much time is spent in those meetings
Meeting post-mortems: what questions should we answer better? Teams can vote on the most important questions that should be incorporated into the
Finally, over a few rounds of investor meetings, some on top concerns of the investor cohort and what to prepare next.

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