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Global Leadership Camp 2024 @ APU

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What will you acquire in 5 days?

What is your purpose for attending this camp? Can you picture yourself after five days? Come to the camp with a clear idea of what you are attending for and what you are trying to improve. It is a rare opportunity for the same generation with strong passion to get together and discuss global issues. Let's share our passion with each other to make it a fulfilling five days.

Social Entreprenuership


Entrepreneurs are expected to possess a range of skills and qualities to thrive in the new era. Some key skills and qualities include:
Creativity and innovation: Entrepreneurs should have the ability to create new products and identify new markets by anticipating trends and listening to society. They should embrace failure as a part of the innovation process.
Initiative and drive: Entrepreneurs need to take initiative and have the determination to overcome failures. They should constantly improve and learn from their experiences, while facing challenges with perseverance.
Team management: Effective team management is crucial for turning ideas into successful ventures. Entrepreneurs with good management skills can motivate their team members, assess their skills, and assign them to suitable roles. They should also develop strategies to achieve objectives.
Reflective mindset: Entrepreneurs should have the ability to reflect on failures and find better solutions. They should also maintain a continuous learning mindset, as technologies and business environments evolve rapidly.
Human network: Entrepreneurs need a network of people who can provide honest feedback, ideas, and essential questions about their company or business. This network is particularly valuable in navigating various challenges and obtaining support for creative innovation.
In the current uncertain times, entrepreneurship is even more crucial. Therefore, aspiring entrepreneurs should strive to acquire and develop these skills and qualities.


In authentic leadership, the leader builds a trusting relationship with each member by confronting him or her in a genuine way, and acts based on an understanding of each member's individuality and strengths and how they can be utilised. Authentic leadership is attracting attention as an effective way to create an organisation that can utilise the diverse strengths of its members, so that the company can respond to the changing times.

Project Design

Why don’t you get an ability to launch projects in a planned manner (scale, planning, scope, continuity, impact)? 'Project design' is about responding flexibly to ever-changing circumstances, utilising the diversity of members and harmonising the people involved in a project, including the customer. It is a higher-level concept that goes beyond progress management, leading projects to success even in the face of uncertainty. In other words, project design may be paraphrased as leadership, which is essential for the next generation of businesses. In recent years, when many companies are facing the decline of existing businesses and the urgent need to create new businesses, the existence of 'project designers' who can accurately take charge of project design is becoming increasingly important in all industries.


“Motivation/why” gives birth to energy when working. As long as you have this feeling, you can continue doing what you want to do. It is that important to be convinced of your "WHY". On the other hand, if the reason for wanting to do something has a "? is attached to the reason why you want to do something, it will automatically be attached to the feeling of wanting to do it. will automatically appear in your mind and you will not be able to continue. If you compare yourself to a car, the 'why' is petrol. Without petrol, no matter how luxurious the car is, it will not run.


Definitions of executive ability vary, but a typical meaning is 'the ability to plan and carry out a plan to achieve a certain goal'. The main difference between the ability to execute and the ability to take action is the ability to plan. While the ability to act is simply the ability to take action, the ability to perform involves a process of planning to achieve an objective. Therefore, it can be said that the ability to think, taking into account various circumstances, to formulate a better plan is necessary for the ability to perform. In light of the above, the ability to execute can be paraphrased as the ability to plan and think added to the ability to take action.

Presentation Skills

Presentations have an overwhelming strength that is unique. It can move and grab the hearts and minds of listeners more strongly by speaking to them "directly" and passionately with a "live" feel. People who realise the true power of presentations are now beginning to hone their 'vision presentation skills'. For more information, please refer to the Presentation section.

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